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So it begins...

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Heres my first blog... the day I launch my site. I want to tell you a bit about why I chose counselling, or rather why it chose me.

From a "broken home", lets say I survived a difficult childhood. I lived through some very tough experiences, thinking at times that "I just couldnt do it anymore". I did though. I found it came naturally to talk to others who would listen, and believe that was what saved me. I became a mother at a young age, wanting to escape my childhood years, and start adulthood before I was ready. I wasn't an awful parent but learned to be a better one as the years went by. I realised that adulthood wasnt going to be much easier without a lot of work and determination. I had several experiences of therapy over the years, some which were more useful than others.

As my inner child healed, and I grew in strength, I realised I had a calling for helping others. I gave countless hours in voluntary work for a hospice, and went on to develop a career in the mental health field. I always knew how powerful the act of being heard was, and devoted a lifetime to listening to others. Training to be a counseller was just a natural progression on my path. During those 4 years, I learned so much about myself. I learned theories from the great therapists from our past, such as Freud, Jung, Bowlby and many more. I learned ways in which a therapist can help their client unwravel feelings and thoughts, and process them, leaving themselves feeling lighter and renewed. I have put my learning into practice with many clients and had experience working with many people each experiencing their own unique difficulties.

Now is the time to set up my own private practice. I offer a non judgemental service, at competitive rates. I really do believe that we all hold the answers to our own life dilemmas. I am here to help others find theirs.

I really believe that I am finally in the calling I was put on earth to be. And I'm more than ready for it!

Bye for now, Fiona

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